Student discount or free licence for Qt for Device Creation?

  • Hello from Spain!

    I'm a telecommunication engineering student and i want to start to use Qt for Device Creation. I have been developing different application for desktop & mobile systems for my degree thesis & in my job during the last year .

    I'm doing now my master thesis and i need to code an real time application for a Rasbperri Pi 3 device under the GPL license.

    I have read some info about Qt for Device Creation. I know i can get a free trial for 30 days but its not enough time to finish the project. Unfortunately, i don't have money to pay the license.

    I wonder if there is any way to get a license or a discount for student.

    Thanks =)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    This is a user forum. For licenses related questions, like this one, you should contact the Qt Company directly.

    [Corrected typo ~kshegunov]

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    @mohaboujemaoui I could be wrong here as I'm not great on licensing but if your application is GPL there shouldn't be an issue with using the L-GPL/GPL free version of Qt.

    The only iffy part here is if the GPL license restricts using it on a device like the PI. And for that I don't know but you can check the Qt website, or contact them about licensing.

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