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How to correctly pass property to PluginParameter value from C++ code?

  • Hello everyone!

    I've got the problem with passing property value through C++ to QML. My project is desktop application that must works with maps under Windows. So, after reading docs I found the best solution via QML using Qt Location. I chose OSM Plugin.

    I am using Qt 5.8

    Everything works good but I need to manually locate cache into custom directory. So for that I want to pass such property (cachePath) value from C++ code to QML.

    Part of C++ code:

    QQuickView *view = new QQuickView;
    view->rootContext()->setContextProperty("cachePath", "C:/111/");

    Important part of QML code:

        zoomLevel: 10
        plugin: Plugin
            name: "osm"
            PluginParameter { name: "osm.mapping.highdpi_tiles"; value: true }
            PluginParameter { name: ""; value: cachePath }
            PluginParameter { name: ""; value: cachePath }
        <... nevermind ...>

    So debug said that everything alright and property is passed. But there is no new tiles after work with maps in this custom directory.

    But, if I type manually value: "C:/111/" - everything works fine and directory is replenished with new cache tiles.

    What could be the problem?

    Thanks for advance!

  • Hello @someoneinthebox,

    What the code below provide you?

    Component.onCompleted: {
        console.log("cachePath: " + cachePath)

  • @Julien-B path that I passed of course. And thats why this is strange QML behavior I guess.

  • If someone interesting you can solve problem like this:

    C++ side:

    QVariantMap params
        {"osm.mapping.highdpi_tiles", YOUR_CUSTOM_VALUE},
        {"", YOUR_CUSTOM_VALUE},
        {"", YOUR_CUSTOM_VALUE}
    QQuickView *view = new QQuickView;
    QObject *item = (QObject *) view->rootObject();
    QMetaObject::invokeMethod(item, "initializePlugin", Q_ARG(QVariant, QVariant::fromValue(params)));

    QML side:

        id: osmMain    
        property variant parameters
        function initializePlugin(pluginParameters)
            var parameters = new Array;
            for(var prop in pluginParameters)
                var parameter = Qt.createQmlObject('import QtLocation 5.6; PluginParameter{ name: "'+ prop + '"; value: "' + pluginParameters[prop] + '"}', map)
            osmMain.parameters = parameters
            map.plugin = Qt.createQmlObject('import QtLocation 5.6; Plugin{ name: "osm"; parameters: osmMain.parameters }', osmMain)
        Map { id: map <...> }