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Qt Creator Form Designer: how to remove leftover widgets?

  • Hi there,

    This question may seem basic, but I don't know the answer to it. In my Qt MainWindow form I have a toolbar and multiple tree widgets that I pin other widgets to using addwidget and setitemwidget. These pinned widgets exist in the middle of my MainWindow form until runtime. In design mode, they prevent me from inserting another widget in the middle of my form and applying a layout to it so that it can be scaled properly. My question is, how can I make the Qt designer ignore these leftover widgets so that I can properly apply a layout to the form?

  • @QtBit44
    not sure if I understand you correctly. But you should be basically able to click on to any wiget in your layout and open a dialog with the right mouse key. There you will find delete.

    You be able to mark also any widget in the right upper pane and use the delete button.
    [update: also there you have to use the right mouse button and select delete]

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