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I want to output Hangul in qt program.

  • I am developing a crosscompile from ubuntu Qt to raspberr pi3.
    When running on Qt of ubuntu, Hangul is printed well on ui.
    However, when run on rasspberrypi with crosscompile, Hangul is broken.

    Of course, I have set up and installed Hangul at rasbperr pi.

    Also, I confirmed that Hangul is well in the string when debugging in Qt of ubuntu.
    However, ui which is executed by rasspberrypi does not output Hangul.
    Special characters are not output as well.

    Hangul is Korean language.
    I tried to output Hangul using 'fromUtf8' function.

    I developed raspberry pi3 to version Qt5.4.2.
    Please help me

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    Can you try it out with some newer Qt version? Do other (non-Qt) applications show Hangul correctly? Have you tried displaying some other font, maybe the characters are missing in default one?

  • Hi @this

    You may need to install a corresponding font like e.g. fonts-alee.


  • @sierdzio I have not tried another version of qt yet.
    However, I do not use other fonts.
    I only use the default font that is defined.

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    Yes, that is my point - maybe the default font does not have Korean glyphs defined.

    I don't know, though, this is not something I have ever tried.

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