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What should I revise?

  • Hi guys!
    Now I'm in my last years of studies (Computer-Science) so i decided to apply for some company. I send my resume to few companies and in few days I have a test in one of them. Before question here is job description:

    bq. excellent, practical knowledge of C/C++
    knowledge of UML
    practical knowledge of real time systems
    good understanding of TCP/IP protocols

    Because I never worked as a programmer in company, and I never had such a test, I'm wondering what should I expect. From C++ is more than likely that there will be: classes, templates, pointers (they didn't wrote about some libraries in job description).
    What's more from C++? What about UML, TCP/IP and real time systems? What should I revise before the test?


  • Hard to say. If you have your general programming skills available, the others aren't too hard I think. Just go for it and see where things end.

  • Most of the companies are checking C++ knowledge and aptitude.

    Computer programmatic Logic, Just go through it.

    And best of Luck.

  • I think if they invite you, so they understand that you don't have much experience and will ask about basic things in C++. So just revise knowledge about c++, as you said: classes, templates, pointers.
    And as it says worst-first :-)
    Good luck.

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