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Collapse header while scrolling

  • Hi everyone!

    I have a one question to all who works on QML and android app. Android standard tool has a special effect (collapsing toolbar layout) for some view like this. For iOS I found this component. My question is did you try to do collapsing toolbar layout component in QML (for ListView, ScrollView, GridView, etc)? Where I can find any information about this?

    Thanks for the any help!

  • Hi,

    At V-Play, we have an example on how to achieve this in our Twitter sample app. Check out the screenshots: (Sorry, didn't have time to record an animation ;) )




    This sample needs the V-Play SDK to run, which might be useful if you are into app development.
    If you don't want to install a third-party SDK, you still might be able to get some inspiration from the sample app.