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QML SwipeView does not show other index item.

  • I made Swipeview for selecting category of contents,
    and When I enter to SwipeView I should show current category Item.

    But there is some strange things,
    If I selecte the last item and re-enter to SwipeView qml, then the before last item is not shown.
    ex. last item index is five, then fourth index item is now shown on left side.

    simulary, when I select first item, then It show second item properly.

    In SwipeView is there a cache buffer for display items like ListView property?
    Please refer to My QML codes



    ... // Remove Items according to condtion of Category


    id : swip
    currentIndex : class.lastCategory // refer for C++ class.

    Item{ //first
    Item{ //second
    Item{ //third
    Item{ //fourth
    Item{ //fifth

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