Receiving signal when pressing on QTableWidget header?

  • Is there a direct way to receive a signal when the user clicks on the header row to QTableWidget?

    For the different table items this is very easy to handle, but I miss the possibility when the click/press is on the header line. Any suggestions?

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    @koahnig said in Receiving signal when pressing on QTableWidget header?:


    What about
    QTableWidget::horizontalHeader() or QTableWidget::verticalHeader().
    To hook up signal ?
    Might also need void QHeaderView::setSectionsClickable(bool clickable)

  • @mrjj

    Thanks for your response.

    I have to admit that I figured that part already, but it looked a bit out of style for Qt. Therefore, I was not sure, if I simply overlooked a more obvious way. Sometimes one dos not recognize the forest, because of the wood the around ;)

    Finally the implementation looked less complicated than I thought initially. And it works.

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