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createTemporaryQmlObject import path

  • So I've got a SUBDIRS project that has two directories called App and Tests. I've got a Bubba.qml under App, which is something I want to write tests for (in the Tests sub project).

    In the Tests project, if I create a tst_Tests.qml file and do:

    import QtQuick 2.0
    import QtTest 1.0
    import "../App"
    TestCase {
       Bubba {

    It resolves just fine.

    However, if I do what I want to do, which is add a function:

        function test_bubba() {
            var item = createTemporaryQmlObject("import QtQuick 2.0; import \"../App\"; Bubba {}", testCase);
            compare(item.color, "blue")
            mouseClick(item, 0, 0, Qt.LeftButton);
            compare(item.color, "gray")

    It fails in createTemporaryQmlObject with:

    Uncaught exception: Qt.createQmlObject(): failed to create object:
    file:///C:/Qt/Qt5.9.0/5.9/mingw53_32/qml/QtTest/undefined:1:21: "../App": no such directory

    Any suggestions on how to get createTemporaryQmlObject to see this relative path, or a different way of having tests separated from the main code?