QML box-2d demo example - how to compile

  • I found qml box 2d demo at
    I also saw a question in the 'discussion' for which I too wanted an answer Could some one answer this -
    I found that the project has been put up by Digia employee so I thought I will cut and paste the question here
    Hi Running the project just shows a blank screen . Could you explain how to use this project ? I also find that

    anchors.fill: parent , density: 1; friction: 0.4; restitution: 0.5; are all shown as 'Not a valid name'.

    Can you explain how to compile this project

    thanks in advance*

  • You need build qml-box2d lib/plugin first. You can get the source code from"gitorious":https://gitorious.org/qml-box2d
    There also have qml-box2d demos :D

  • Thank you. I did try to compile using Cmake and Visual studio 9 (2008) but I was unable to compile . I keep getting CMakeLists.txt not found error. Is there any other way to get the compiled plugin? or a way to compile properly? Thanks

  • What's the error when compile ? Why not use Qt to compile it ?

  • Thanks for reply.I tried with Qt too. I get the error
    @F:\QtSDK\qmlbox2ddemo\src\qml-box2d\box2dfixture.h:26: error: Box2D.h: No such file or directory
    That is #include <Box2D.h> is not included error though I find that the header file is available in the path.

  • Ok, it seems you didn't add the right include path(using INCLUDEPATH += ... in .pro file). It's not a big deal

  • Thanks.In the intervening time between my question and your answer, I did include the path in pro file and the project SEEMS to have compiled but I still get a blank screen. The error corresponding to 'fixtures in Box 2d' density, friction and restitution still persist.
    FOR eg-
    @fixtures: Box {
    anchors.fill: parent
    density: 1;
    friction: 0.4;
    restitution: 0.5;
    All the above are shown as 'not a valid property name'
    Thanks for your answers. Hope you may be able to figure out the error

  • Do you import the qml-box2d plugin? Or do you make install after compile?

  • Hi
    Sorry for late reply . I make install after compile. I just can't understand why it won't work when everyone seem to have no problem with it :-(

  • Can you paste your code ? Do you build qml-box2d plugin before you compile the qmlbox2ddemo ?

  • Thank you for helping thus far. I have washed my hands off Box2d and switched over to Bullet physics which I could compile and use with no hassle. Thanks again
    If any one is interested, do check out QML and Bullet Physics integration here

  • [quote author="Chuck Gao" date="1311949843"]You need build qml-box2d lib/plugin first.[/quote]

    How can I build the plugin ?

    I found box2d.pro file, opened and when I click Run it opens a window that asks for an executable ("Could not find the executable, please specify one.", with 3 fields: Executable, Arguments, WD).

    I also tried to copy the plugin directory in my project file and then use import in my QML files but with no luck: module not installed

    I'm from hours on google, forums, docs but find nothing that really helps me.

    Can someone explain step-by-step how he installed the Box2D plugin successfully ?

    Thanks a lot,
    in advance

  • It's a plugin, not a executable one. The simple way to build it was: open your cmd window(.pro folder), and type: make & make install

    If you using Qt Creator, you need specified a step to "make install", and "Run" is not needed, just ignore it.

  • hi chuck geo,
    i also have same issue ,i can't run box 2d example code can you guide me for this .or provide me the correct sample code for it. thanks

  • [quote author="madil" date="1319106238"]hi chuck geo,
    i also have same issue ,i can't run box 2d example code can you guide me for this .or provide me the correct sample code for it. thanks [/quote]

    Hi madil,
    Which error do you get ?

  • hi chuck,
    i am not able to run any sample example .i am using box 2d 2.2.1 kindly help me on this .the Error on my code is.
    module "Box2D" is not installed
    import Box2D 1.0
    if you have any sample example so kindly give it you me and also define the steps how to run it .Thanks

  • Hi,
    Check your import path first(desktop for exmaple):
    Can you find Box2D there ?

  • hi,
    i can put Box 2D where QTSDK installed like(C:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.4\mingw\imports\Box2D_v2.2.1). and i run my project from this "c:\" but this error comes

    C:\Box2DDemo_v0_2\qmlbox2ddemo\box2ddemo-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4_for_Desktop_-MSVC2008__Qt_SDK__Debug..\src\qml-box2d\box2dbody.cpp:167: error: C2065: 'M_PI' : undeclared identifier
    -MSVC2008__Qt_SDK__Debug..\src\qml-box2d\box2dbody.cpp:194: error: C2065: 'M_PI' : undeclared identifier
    -MSVC2008__Qt_SDK__Debug..\src\qml-box2d\box2dfixture.cpp:204: error: C2057: expected constant expression
    -MSVC2008__Qt_SDK__Debug..\src\qml-box2d\box2dfixture.cpp:204: error: C2466: cannot allocate an array of constant size 0
    -_MSVC2008__Qt_SDK__Debug..\src\qml-box2d\box2dfixture.cpp:204: error: C2133: 'vertices' : unknown size

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