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How to have a translated installer with Qt Installer Framework?

  • Hello all,

    I would like to create a multi-language installer with Qt Installer Framework.

    My goal is to have the same used language by the OS. I know that I must put qm files somewhere and modify a xml package like that :

    My question is where to find generic qm files / how to generate them / where to put it. I wish have a translated installer for all Qt String not my custom Strings cuz I never add new Strings

    ps : I discovered that "windeployqt.exe" or "macdeployqt" exe generates a directory named "translations" with a lot of qm files : "qt_en.qm", "qt_es.qm", "qt_de.qm", "qt_fr.qm", ... I don't know if it's usefull

    ps2 : qm file formet is a binary file format not a xml file format or a text file format

    Thanks in advance

  • It works now!

    I added those lines in the "installscript.qs" file :

    Component.prototype.retranslateUi = function()

    and I added those in "config.xml" file :


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