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Client certificates? Yikes! I used QtWebEngine because it was built from Chromium

  • Does it have Chromium's support for local client certs though?

    I hope I'm wrong about this, but we've run into this in an Enterprise environment so I set up a local test for the server to request a client certificate from my dev box. Chrome - works. Firefox - works. IE (ugh) - works. Edge - works. QtWebEngine - does not work...

    This is a really basic and common security practice throughout Enterprises - surely I'm missing something?

    The cert framework just doesn't load them? It seems likely that the cert handling infrastructure would likely already do 99.9% of the work for this - perhaps there was a reason why it's left out?


  • I have the same problem in Windows 7.
    The client certificate was send me per email and imported into the local Windows certificate store. Chrome and Firefox automatically take the certificate from there and load the website. WebEngine doesn't. Do somebody know a solution for this?

  • Here is a corresponding bug in the official Qt bug tracker:
    QTBUG-54877 Implement client SSL certificates

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