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PHONON: should play sounds simultaneously

  • Hi,
    I am using Phonon to play one wav file in my developed C++application.
    But I have a problem to play my/this one sound simultaneously.

    That means this one sound-file could/should be started a second time,
    even the playing of the first time is not finished.

    What I did: I have one medianote with one audiooutput. This functions!!!
    But if I have several medianotes to this one audiooutput ---> only one functions, the other not... :-(

    My simple solution: If i make several medianotes (always the same audiofile) each connected with
    one audioput -> I have no problems to play my sounds simultaneously. PROBLEM HERE: But I have also several Audioouputs and
    I only want one!!!! Cause i want to connect this one audiooutput to a volumesilde..... etc.

    So, what I want to do:

    1. Create and Play several Medianotes simultaneously on only 1 Audiooutput OR.
    2. Play 1 Medianotes simultaneously on only 1 Audiooutput without stop and play each time. I want this Simultaneously!!!! ;-)

    I dont know how to realize...
    Any ideas or source examples????

    THANX in ADVANCE!!!!


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