Qt3D seems to be broken for textures and some obj files

  • Have you for some crazy reason tried to use textures in Qt3D? I was fighting with them and it seemed to me that Qt3D was broken, because I was having all types of crazy problems, errors, flickering, etc, and my textures were just not loading. In version 5.5 many bugs related to UV mapping inversion, fail to load textures, fail to load obj (even though not on the same merge) were merged and allegedly corrected. It just so happens that I am facing all these "corrected" bugs in version 5.9. Am I alone on that? Do you think it is worth using Qt3D, or should I just leave it for now?

    When I disable textures, voilá... no bugs, Qt3DWindows inside QDockWidgets, First Person Camera Controls, etc... I saw a guy setting a priority for such bugs as P2...

    There is something wrong with Qt3D, I think

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