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QtCreator restyle and customize

  • Hello there!
    I wanna change look QtCreator and restyle it. Just for me. And I read about restyle QtCreator through qss (some stylesheet file and load it to QtCreator using argument '-stylesheet=file' at starting). But Idk some qss selectors that are used in QtCreator. For example left bar with buttons welcome, edit, etc. I wanna restyle it, but Idk how cause Idk selectors. I tried 'QTabBar', 'QToolBox', 'QToolBar', but it leftbar isn't none of these selectors. Also, welcome page contains buttons ('new project', open project', etc) that isn't QPush(Abstract)Button apparently. At least it didn't react when I changed QPush(Abstract)Button properties.

    Please, tell me, what selectors I should use for to do what I want.
    Ty and sry for my eng.

  • @koahnig sry but may be u misunderstood me. I wanna change and restyle whole appearance of Qt Creator, not only code highlighting. Preinstalled themes in Qt Creator (like for example flat, dark flat, etc) can do it, but I don't like this themes.

    Look this:
    This article about what I want, but it's old and author didn't restyle some elements of Qt Creator ui, for example left bar or something else.

  • @qioalice

    Looks like an interesting article. Since I cannot read Russian I had to use Google translate which is still a bit awkward.

    This is a user forum, not sure if there people around digging as deep. Eventually you may have to try the developers mail list or to dig into creator's source code.

  • has the themes that ship with creator. Those are the easiest way to change the colors used in the UI. I am not sure you can change icons via the .theme-files, but at the very least you can tint the existing icons.

    Work to make the themeing more powerful is ongoing, help is appreciated. We are always happy to get patches via!

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