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autocomplete is slow and sometimes "mad"

  • For a while I am using CLangCodeModel. It helps in tracking some of my code structure as posted here.

    However, since changng to CLangCodeModel the autocompletion is really slow and not reliable.

    Picking up new class members is not really the strength anymore. Especially some members introduced with designer, are not showing for a while. So far, I thought it is only when the include source has not been created. This would make sense, because of eventual complexity of the whole job.

    However, today I added two comboboxes by using designer and certainly they did show up in autocompletion. I saved all stuff and build. Certainly I had compile errors, because the autocompletion did not work and I had left statements in the unfionished stage.
    Going back to one of the statements in question automcomplete showed both freshly introduced member variables for the comboboxes. Going to the next access finction and trying to use autocompletion falied. Suddenly only the previously available names of comboboxes are showing up. No trace of the freshly introduced and already showed a couple of seconds ago entries. Also the semantic check shows a problem with the first correct name. Obviously both features rely on the same information.

    Anyone aware where the base information is stored that I can remove it for testing?

    This is on Win10 64 bit and qt creator 4.3.0, but was already there in creator 4.2.1.