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QtHelpConverter v1.0.3 released: create Qt Help from HTML Help

  • We just released QtHelpConverter, a free Windows converter application to turn HTML Help/CHM files into Qt Help.

    The converter works both as a stand-alone application as well as an add-on for our help authoring tool Help+Manual. It takes a CHM files and converts it to Qt Help.

    QtHelpConverter Features

    • Converts CHM to Qt Help
    • Tests internal file names for upper/lowercase conformity
    • Optionally adds inline CSS to HTML topics files to improve rendering results in Qt Assistant
    • Integrated collection file editor
    • UI mode and command line mode for full automation
    • Integration into our authoring tool Help+Manual possible
    • Free for private and commercial use


    alt text

    We are looking forward to receiving your feedback on the help converter! Please report bugs and suggestions as well.

    Alexander Halser
    EC Software GmbH

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  • I want to testify as to how amazing this converter is. If you are using any other Help authoring system, it's worth converting to "Help & Manual" just for the time it will save you.

    If you are already a customer, this fantastic tool confirms you made the right decision.

    QtHelpConverter simply reads your .CHM file, and cranks out a .QCH. So you still need a Help authoring tool like H&M to create the .CHM.

    To display your .QCH file with Qt Assistant is a bit convoluted: This can be done manually by starting Qt Assistant, opening the Edit|Preferences dialog and navigating to the Documentation tab page. Then click the Add... button, select a Qt compressed help file (*.qch) and press Open. (This is Qt's problem, not Help & Manual.

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