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why the clipboard be occupy when use textinput control in QML

  • hi, I just learned to use QML development.
    I used the TextInput control in QML of Qt 5.6.0, but I found a problem: when using this control, the program takes up the clipboard at the same time.
    This way, when other programs call the clipboard, they will indicate that the clipboard is occupied.
    Did anyone else have this problem? How do I set the TextInput control free of the clipboard?
    thank you.

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    Hm, I've never seen such problem with clipboard and TextInput. What OS are you on? Which other applications have you tried?

  • I used qml in window 7 under qt2.6.0, and the other program was excel.
    I used the VB script in Excel to call the clipboard, suggesting that the clipboard was taken up.
    But if I set TextInput to readonly mode, it wouldn't take up the clipboard.

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    Hm, but if you just use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V normally in other apps (including Excel), it does work, right?

    Weird, weird.

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