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[SOLVED] Is it ok to see -DWIN32 showing up in the x64 msvc command prompt during nmake?

  • Hello fellows.
    When I try to compile Qt 4.7.3 using msvc-2010 service pack 1 (Windows 7 64 and msvc2010 x64 command prompt) I see this behavior that my untrained eyes found strange.
    The compile option -DWIN32 is displayed for as much lines as I could count.

    Is it normal behavior?
    Does it mean it is compiling Qt as a 32 that runs on 64?
    Or simply as native Qt 64 bits (the DWIN32 is not important, :-) ) ?

    Thanks in Advance Guys!

  • QtSDK has no libraries for 64 bits on windows. If you want to have 64 bits, you will need to manually compile Qt sources with 64 support. However WIN32 preprocessor definition is perfectly valid on 64 bits projects.

  • Yes ;) . As I have mentioned, I have compiled Qt src using msvc2010 command prompt for x64, and still, during this allegedly 64 bit Qt compilation, -DWIN32 is printed in the prompt.

    Also, my x64 projects are working. I just don't get these Qt src compilation messages showing -DWIN32 using msvc x64 command prompt. Do you know why is it displayed instead of something like -DX64?

    Maybe it is a silly question, thanks any way.

  • "Predefined Macros":http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b0084kay(v=VS.100).aspx
    If you serach for _WIN32 it say:
    "_WIN32: Defined for applications for Win32 and Win64. Always defined."

  • Tks!

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