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How can I control visibilty of a row in a QML TreeView?

  • I would like to control the visibility of a row in a QML TreeView based on model data, say based on data in a particular role.

    The only way of doing this appears to be: bind a condition to the RowDelegate's visible property, however it appears to be impossible to access model data from within a TreeView's rowDelegate.

    I have exhausted Google. Or vice versa!

    The nearest I think I have come is to use the TreeView's currentIndex property (see excerpt below), however when I examine the QModelIndex value received by the model's data() method, it reliably contains the following: QModelIndex(-1,-1,0x0,QObject(0x0)), which is not what I expect to see. Either this is a bug, or a TreeView's rowDelegate should not expect currentIndex to be set...

    Any help gratefully received!


    TreeView {
       style:  TreeViewStyle {
          rowDelegate: Rectangle {
             property bool isVisible : treeView.isCurrentItemCached()
             visible: isVisible
       id: treeView
       function isCurrentItemCached() {
          if (, "name") != undefined) {
             return, "name") != “Random String”
          } else {
             return false

  • Ah, I think I need to use QSortFilterProxyModel.

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