QtLocation offline map

  • Hi,

    I am interested in using the offline map with osm plugin (osm.mapping.offline.directory), and I found this blog post giving an example. The example does compile and run but does not work offline (works only online). I am using Qt 5.8 and I cannot find what I have done wrong since I just downloaded the example without modifying it ... Is there someone who tried to make the same example work or have an experience using the osm offline map ?


  • Ok, so I am replying myself but I found help on slack : I just needed to change the activeMapType to map.supportedMapTypes[2] instead of map.supportedMapTypes[0].

  • Thanks a lot, your post is really helpful for me!

    @akane do you know why we have to change the activeMapType to map.supportedMapTypes[2] ? Because on the tiles filename, the map_id is 3

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