QAxWidget("Word.Application") does not open Word inside the widget

  • Hello,
    I try to have MS Word visible inside a QAxWidget (with all menu bars, pull-downs etc), but for some reason,
    it always opens externally.

    AxApplication = new QAxWidget(QString::fromUtf8("Word.Application"),0);
    AxApplication->dynamicCall("Visible", true );

    If fact, after the dynamicCall, it opens Word as a separate application.

    If I call QAxWidget with a word document directly, it works (but then, I don't see the menu bars of Word).
    AxApplication = new QAxWidget(QString::fromUtf8("c:\temp\xxx.doc"),0);

    I checked many different versions I found in various topics, but I never
    succeeded to open word inside the Widget. All examples I found on the Qt network
    or help do not deal with Excel or Word (inside a Widget). I can open most
    other applications inside.

    Does anyone have a clue?

    Thanks in advance

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    maybe this "thread": can help you further?

  • For excel I used next code:

    @QAxObject *excel = new QAxObject ( "Excel.Application");
    excel->dynamicCall( "SetVisible(bool)", false );@

    Yes, I had other class, but SetVisible(bool) - it is funcition of VBA - if I not mistaken.

  • I'd really love to follow this question...
    Did you find any solution already?
    How about PowerPoint?

    Thank you very much...

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