Resize QTableView / QSqlQueryModel

  • Hi, i have 2 problems (sorry my english is bad, let me know if you don't understand).

    1. Is their a way to use resizeColumnsToContents() and resizeSections(QHeaderView::ResizeMode::Stretch) at the same time ? Because if i used only resizeColumnsToContents it's like this (didn't feet the white space) : example
      And if i used resizeSections(QHeaderView::ResizeMode::Stretch) it's like this (some columns are unnecessarily large and some need to be large to display their content) : example

    2. At initialization the table is not affected by the resize methodes, i tried to setVisible(0 and 1) between resize but it doesn't work. Did you have an idea ?

    Thanks for helping me.

    2. could you try forcing a call to update() on the QTableView?

    1. Result :
      It's still looking bad. Is their a way to set an equal stretch between each columns ? Like that : example

    2. Apparantly not.

  • @Gaalee said in Resize QTableView / QSqlQueryModel:

    It's still looking bad. Is their a way to set an equal stretch between each columns ? Like that :


  • Doesn't work with resizeColumnsToContents().

  • Ok, now I understood, you want to equally distribute the extra space among the remaining columns.

    void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *ev)
    Q_SLOT void resizeHeaders()
        QHeaderView* const tableHead = view->horizontalHeader();
        const int secCount = tableHead->count();
        if (view->model()->rowCount() == 0 || secCount<=1) {
        QVector<int> allHints(secCount);
        for (int i = 0; i < secCount; ++i)
            allHints[i]= tableHead->sectionSize(i);
        const int extraSpace = tableHead->width() - std::accumulate(allHints.constBegin(), allHints.constEnd(), 0);
        for (int i = 0; i < secCount; ++i)
            tableHead->resizeSection(i, + static_cast<int>(static_cast<double>(extraSpace) / static_cast<double>(secCount)));

    then in the constructor add

    connect(model, &QAbstractItemModel::rowsRemoved, this, &QuoteViewer::resizeHeaders);
        connect(model, &QAbstractItemModel::dataChanged, this, &QuoteViewer::resizeHeaders);

    This will distribute the extra space evenly, not based on the original size, it's trivial to modify the math to achieve this other result btw

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