How can i adjust text of a QWidget just as QMessageBox adjust text automatically ?

  • Can i ? if yes how ?

    this is what i do :

    object->setStylesheet("font:16pt Arial;");

    that makes the font size fixed/static but i want to make it dynamic ? i mean the text should fit itself in a widget on its own just as text in QMessageBox is adjusted on its own when the display resolution is changed.

  • @Ahti

    You can set the font for a widget also through setFont

    If you specify a negative value of point size in the constructor you have default value for the system. Maybe this is of help for you.

  • @koahnig How is setFont method different than stylesheet ? and what do you mean by "negative value of point size in the constructor" where is this point size ?

  • @Ahti

    Just follow the links (under "setFont" and "the contructor" in my previous post) to the parts of the documentation.

    Sorry, I do not know the actual difference, but I would go for the font routines rather setting a style, but that is probably more a matter of taste. However, with setFont you can use also some defaults which you might to set as in your style.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Do you mean to adjust the width of the widget ?
    Like for text
    it will be small
    but for
    it would be much wider?

  • @mrjj I just want the text to fit in the QWidget so that i will get rid of text getting out of alignment in a widget problem. This happens when i run my app on different resolutions like 1440X900, 1920X1080, ect.

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    Well how are you drawing the text ?
    If you dont word wrap, then text will be cut when less screen space is available.

    Do you u mean that text should shrink to fit inside the available widget rect?

  • @mrjj yeah that is what i want although with word warp it appears on the next line that i don't want to happen i just want it appear in a single line and at the same time it should shrink to fit inside the available widget rect ??

    this is how i draw text :

    QLabel* EyeCare::constructLabel(QWidget *parent,QLabel *labelName,QString style,
                                         int x,int y,int w,int h,QString labelText){
        labelName = new QLabel(parent) ;
        labelName->setStyleSheet( style );
        return labelName ;
    notificationHeader = constructLabel(homeBackground,notificationHeader,
                                             "color: #c8c8c8;",170,135,300,50,"Welcome To EyeCare") ;     
         notificationArea = constructLabel(homeBackground,notificationArea,"color: #c8c8c8;",
                                           0,188,640,45,"Protect your precious eyes as you compute.") ;

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    you can use

    QFontMetrics fm(font());
    and fm.width(text()) to check size of text
    if too wide, then you must reduce the font.setPointSize and see again.
    Repeat until it fits.

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