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Use QWebEngineView as a widget in QDockWidget comes an odd bug?

  • Use QWebEngineView as a widget in QDockWidget, when undocked, works normal, once docked comes all mainwindow UI in displacement mode, see image below:
    0_1496739071652_upload-d7c7dc1b-8ac8-4bff-ab58-0f90fe3a0d20 ![alt text](image url)
    eg, if you want close the dockwindow, you cannot push X , you need click some position up to it(red dot in the image).

    the same code works well in some workmates env. while others not as just described. we use qt5.8 on windows.

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  • I was experiencing the same with Qt 5.8 and some earlier versions then it was OK with latest 5.8.x now it's back (5.9)... but I thought it was a bug in adobe flash player (or the game I was playing) ..now I realize it is exactly as described here (I must aim about 8-10 pixels higher - approx. 1 normal menu item height) - must be a docking issue...

    P.S. The fun part was - when I send mouse move/click events they seemed to hit the right coordinates alas no such luck with actual hardware/mouse - good thing the game changes mouse pointer on hover so I get pretty good visual confirmation hitting nowhere and actually pressing a button somewhere - practical magic :-)

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