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Cmake build fails without a good error message

  • I'm having some weird issues using a non-Qt CMake project. This has built fine with previous versions.

    After CMake has finished configuration, all I see when I press build is,

    Error while building/deploying project WebKit (kit: GCC 64-bit)
    When executing step "CMake Build"

    That's it... If I go to the build directory manually and type,

    cmake --build . --target all

    The compilation works. What is going on? Does Qt Creator have better logging somewhere else? I don't know what to look for based on this error message.

  • This is really non-deterministic. Qt Creator has some issues with caching I'm sure, it's just impossible to track down having never worked on Qt Creator.

  • If I restart the IDE it manages to start the build. I can reliably reproduce this now.

    Open WebKit CMakeLists.txt file in Qt Creator.
    Change CMake PORT variable to GTK
    Attempt to build, it will fail.
    Restart the IDE
    Attempt to build, it starts.

    It's hard to say where the bug is due to the error message the IDE gives.

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