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Unable to change Toolchain in QtCreator

  • Hello guys. I have one more question. I'm developing an application with MinGW and QtCreator. I need to target both x86 and x64 windows platforms. So I downloaded a 64 bit MinGW compiler and tried to configure QtCreator to use 64 bit compiler without any results. Please note that I'm not using any Qt library in my project, just plain old C++. I created a new Build Configuration in Qt but I was unable to change Tool chain to target the newly downloaded 64 bit MinGW (I clicked Manage, added a new Tool chain in the list with appropriate path and hit ok, the tool chain didn't change for my project). So anyone knows how can I map my project to the correct tool chain?

    P.S. I'm using qmake.


  • In the "Projects" tab you can select the Toolchain to use for each build configuration. If you want to use qmake without Qt Creator, you might have to create a new mkspec.

  • Thansk again loladiro, but I can't change toolchain. looks like it is directly linked to Qt library. probably i should recompile qt on the target platform in order to change the toolchain. :(

  • Hmmm... that is a interesting use-case!

    The qmake is tied to a Qt version and that one implements a (set of) ABI. In the project mode you can then select all tool chains that can produce code for (one of) the ABI the Qt version supports. So you will need a Qt version that actually supports the ABI you want to use.

    I wonder how we can cover your use-case... maybe allow all tool chains if QtCore/QtGui is removed from the configuration?

  • Hi Tobias, thanks for your interest. It would be great if you could remove that limitation. QtCreator is a wonderful IDE, I have VS 2010 Ultimate on my machine, but for C++ development, nothing comes close to QtCreator, so maybe if you allow us to develop some modules (which doesn't require Qt) to use any toolchain (without tying to Qt library) would be wonderful.

    Thanks again and sorry for my english :-)

  • I created to make sure I do not forget about this:-)

  • Thanks Tobias :)
    I wish I could contribute, unfortunatelly I'm very noob in C++ :(.
    Anyway great work and keep it up guys ;)

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