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Receive key strokes inside QtQuick.Dialogs 1.2? (How to deal with the focus)

  • Button {
           onPressed: {
               f.focus = true
           text: "Record key"
    Dialog {
           id: dialog
           contentItem: Rectangle {
               color: f.activeFocus ? "red" : "yellow"
               focus: true
               implicitHeight:  200
               implicitWidth:   300
                   Text {
                       id: f
                       anchors.fill: parent
                       focus: true
                       anchors.centerIn: parent
                       text: "Press key"
                       Keys.onPressed: {
                           focus: true
                           console.log( "Key: " + event.key )

    Is there a better way to make a Dialog listening to a single key stroke? I fiddled around with FocusScope but I could not get anything working, except the version where the focus is set manually outside the dialog.