Gestures on Harmattan (n950)

  • It seems that the "Qt.labs.gestures were replaced": with the "PinchArea": on QtQuick 1.1. Is that right? What about the other gestures?

    The example (experimental gestures) included with Qt SDK 1.1.2 doesn't seem to recognize any gestures other than Tap and TapAndHold on the n950. It uses Qt.labs.gestures.

    Using PinchArea I didn't have any success either. Also, I couldn't find any examples using it.

    My ultimate goal is to use pinch gestures to zoom the WebView qml component.

    Any hints?

  • I'm not certain about the WebView component, but I have successfully used the PinchArea to zoom on an image.

    @Image {id: imageZoom; width: 200; height: 200
    PinchArea{ anchors.fill: parent; imageZoom;
    pinch.minimumScale: 1.0;
    pinch.maximumScale: 2.0}} @

    Or something to that effect. I can't completely remember. Pretty tired and speed typed the above before I go to sleep.

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