Path Animation not Animating

  • Hi,

    I am trying to animate a QML object along a path. The Object is created dynamically in JS. And the animation is started after the object has been create. For some reason, it is not displaying any movement. However, I can verify that the animation is running.

    Here are the important bits of code:
    The object, only included the root of it and animation. Its children are images and text.

    Petal {
        id: petalRoot;
        objectName: "petal"
        property alias src: petalImage.source
        property alias targetX: thePathLine.x
        property alias targetY: thePathLine.y
        property alias originX: parentPath.startX
        property alias originY: parentPath.startY
        property bool inSequencer: false
        PathAnimation {
            id: petalAnimation
            duration: 250
            path: Path {
                id: parentPath
                PathLine {
                    id: thePathLine

    Here is where the objects are created:

    var petal = comp.createObject(blossomViewRect, {
                                                 "src": mainWindow.petal_src + model.colorProgression + ".png",
                                                 "chord": chords[i],
                                                 "x": centerPetalX,
                                                 "y": centerPetalY,
                                                 "originX": centerPetalX,
                                                 "originY": centerPetalY,
                                                 "targetX": centerPetalX + points[i].x,
                                                 "targetY": centerPetalY + points[i].y,

    Let me know if you need more.

  • Solved it. Just had to set the "target" of the animation to the root object.

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