MFC dialogs in Qt Application

  • I have an existing Qt application that needs to (temporarily) include MFC dialogs. I downloaded the Qt Solutions code for QtWinMigrate and have been looking at the "MFC to Qt Migration" example. That example is from the standpoint of incorporating Qt dialogs/widgets in an existing MFC application, which seems pretty straightforward and easy to do.

    However, if I want to incorporate a MFC dialog in an existing Qt, it seems that a lot more has to change on the application side (need to flag my vcxproj to include MFC shared libraries, need to change the entry point to not use "main" but be a CWinApp). Is there an easier way to get MFC to work in Qt or do I need to basically mimic the "MFC to Qt Migration" example and change my current application to be a CWinApp?

    Thanks for any insight.

  • Sorry, when I can be a "CWinApp", I really mean have the entry be WinMain instead of plain ol' main.

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