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[SOLVED] How to get correct winid.

  • I need to get correct winId from widget in c++ of course.
    I can draw VLC output on top of the graphicsscene, because that is the only valid winId.

    But I need winId for the widgets embedded in the parent qgraphicsscene.

    I tried

    Still no luck, cant embed VLC in the widget, but in the old type (desktop gui) I can embed VLC inside a button if I want, but in QML I seem not to get valid winId.

    So the question is, how can I get a valid winId from a child widget embedded in QML grahicsscene?

  • I doubt that the windows manager is even aware of the shapes (not widgets, QML doesn't have that) contained within QML and it is therefore also not possible to obtain an ID, since it doesn't exist in the first place. However, you might be able to do some magic by subclassing QDeclarativeItem.

  • How can I do that?

  • Okay no worries, I'll just implement qml viewer in my app, and I'll just use same old Qt Designer.

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