auto complete not working for cross compiler

  • I have installed Qt Creator 4.3.0-rc1 on Linux to test the improved cmake support. I use a simple cmake project for testing. There are 2 kits set up in Qt Creator, a default one to compile for the local Linux machine and another one to cross compile for the Raspberry Pi. The project successfully builds for both kits and I can also do remote debugging on the Raspberry Pi. I have set up the cross compilers (C++/C) and a sysroot for the Raspberry Pi kit.
    Although the project builds, code completion does not work for system headers if the Raspberry Pi kit is selected, e.g.
    #include <stdio.h>
    As soon as the Raspberry Pi kit (cross compiler) is selected, the include gets a red underline (no such file or directory). Also code completion does not work for printf.
    Code completion only works for functions and classes that are defined in the project. If I select the Desktop kit everything works as expected.
    Is there something that must be configured in addition so that code completion also works for a kit that uses a cross compiler?

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    Could be a bug, not sure.

    Are you using default code model or clang code model (plugin) in Qt Creator?

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