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  • Hi everyone :)

    I'm calling a QML function repeatedly from C++. During the first few calls everything is fine and pretty fast, but after some time, everything is getting super slow. The QML Profiler tells me, that allocated memory is not cleared, but I don't really understand why. Here is the Profiler output:qmlprofiler

    This is the QML file including the javascript function that gets called:

    import QtQuick 2.5
    import QtQuick.Controls 2.1
    import QtLocation 5.5
    import QtPositioning 5.3
    import com.connection 1.0
    Map {
         anchors.fill: parent
         property variant points: ({})
         property var component
            id: googlemaps
            name: "googlemaps"
            PluginParameter { name: "googlemaps";
                      value: "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false" }
         Component.onCompleted: {
             component = Qt.createComponent("mapcircle.qml");
             points = new Array();
             for( var i_type in supportedMapTypes ) {
                 print (supportedMapTypes[i_type].name)
                 if( supportedMapTypes[i_type].name.localeCompare( "Hybrid" ) === 0 ) {
                     activeMapType = supportedMapTypes[i_type]
        id: map
        plugin: googlemaps
       // Javascript function
       // Remove old points from map and add new ones
        function add_points(array_lat, array_lon) {
            var loop_size;
            if (map.points.length > array_lat.length)
                loop_size = map.points.length
                loop_size = array_lat.length
            var newPoints = [array_lat.length]
            var object
            for (var i=0; i < loop_size; i++)
                if (i < map.points.length)
                if (i < array_lat.length)
                    object = component.createObject(map, {
                        "center": QtPositioning.coordinate(array_lat[i], array_lon[i])})
            map.points = newPoints

    For me it seems to be this line: (I reduced the code for testing purposes a bit and even without plotting the data onto the map the execution is getting very slow)

    object = component.createObject(map, {
                    "center": QtPositioning.coordinate(array_lat[i], array_lon[i])})

  • It doesn't seem like Map::removeMapItem() destroys the item but just removes it from the map, so you might want to try calling destroy() on the items that are removed from the map:


  • @jpnurmi That helped, thank you :) I had to force it to delete the objects with setting a time


    but no there are no issues left :)

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