CheckBox in TableViewColumn

  • Hi,

    I wanted to make the CehckBox fill the size of the row of the TableViewColumn, I tried but diidn't make it ^^ that's why i'm asking for help.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • Can u show me image or sample code u tried ?

  • @dheerendra TableViewColumn {
    width: view.width / 4
    movable: false
    resizable: false
    delegate: CheckBox { }

    But when I do anchors.fill: parent inside CheckBox it doesn't change anything

  • @Arkning you do mean that you want the QCheckbox to take the entire space of the row in the TableViewColumn ?

  • @Pou-Lin-Chang exactly

  • @Arkning
    I have some more questions.

    1. what kind of Layout are you using to create your TableViewColumn ? QGridLayout ?
    2. you creating a QCheckBox with a label or just the QCheckbox ?

    if it's just the QCheckBox, then i believe you can't increase the size of the checkbox, it got its default size and we cant increase or expand it. But yeah you can create your own customize checkbox but i believe that will be tedious.

    if it's with the label and you are using QGridlayout than you can span your row.

  • @Pou-Lin-Chang I'm using a ColumnLayout, and I guess it just a QCheckbox (There is a sample of my code above)

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