How to create an updatable installer ?

  • Hi all,

    I tried to create a new version of my installer (version = 0.0.7). When I installed the 0.0.6 version of my installer and after I installed the 0.0.7 version on my windows computer. When I go "programs and features" panel of my windows, I have 2 installed software with 2 different versions (0.0.6 and 0.0.7). There are also something strange : When I want to install the 0.0.7 version after the 0.0.6 version, I don't have a Qt Installer page "Delete, remove, update software" with radio buttons.

    I dont understand why I have this problem. I generated 2 offline versions of my installer with different versions. I used only one package. I changed the version number in "config/config.xml" and in "packages/com.vendor.product/meta/package.xml".

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    You need an online installer for that, I think. More info in the docs.

  • thank you. It's helpful :)

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