OSX/MacOS qmake VERSION in *.pro file not showing up in app bundle

  • The environment variable $CURRENT_VERSION is set to

    In my pro file I define:

    The application version


    On Windows, I get a binary with the proper version number.
    On Linux, I get a binary with the proper version number.
    On OSX, I get an app bundle with a default plist inside of it that doesn't have a version key.

    I'm not specifying a plist file to use, so qmake is creating its own (which is what I want) - but it appears to be failing to set the version information in the plist file.

    I've been googlin' and not finding anything.

    Is there some define I should be using to get qmake to put version info in the plist it creates?

    Again, it works on Windows and Linux with exactly the same pro file.


  • I guess I'll just make a custom plist, link qmake to it and put the short version in there... Is that something people usually do or is there another/better way? Thx :)

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