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Deploying Phonon application

  • Hello,

    I struggle for several days to deploy my application using Phonon.
    I placed all the Qt DLLs near my exe, and the backend 'phonon_ds94.dll' in a folder phonon_backend.
    Everything works perfectly on Windows 7 (in release).

    When I tried it on Windows Vista, nothing has worked. A friend of mine who also tried on Vista and it only gets the sound (the application has video + audio).

    I'm wondering if we should not redistribute other DLLs or redistributable Windows ?
    Is it necessary to install specific components to OpenGL or DirectX?

    I saw that the documentation (http://developer.qt.nokia.com/faq/answer/what_is_needed_for_deploying_a_phonon_based_application) indicates that we should copy the dll phonon_ds9d4.dll in phonon_backend. Is this correct (d stands for debug right?)?
    Both phonon_ds9d4.dll and phonon_ds94.dll must be copied ?

    I built my Qt libs under Windows 7 (development PC), does the produced DLL is compatible with XP and Vista ?
    Should phonon dlls be built under Vista if I want my application to run on Vista ?

    Why the application runs on 7 but not Vista?
    Thank you for your help!

  • Are you sure both the machines have the same set of decoding libraries installed? (Like, system-wide mpeg4 / aac / divx / xvid decoders...)

    And yes, the phonon backend must be placed inside a subdirectory called "phonon_backend". See here http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/deployment-plugins.html for more info.

  • Both the machines have the same decoding libraries (Klite codec pack installed).
    I've already placed my backend dll inside phonon_backend (phonon_ds94.dll)...

    I look into my code and this is the Phonon::createPath methods that make my app crash.
    (Without, it launches, but no video and sound which is normal).

    It seems that vista has something different than 7 or XP. I wonder what ?
    OpenGL dll are already installed...I have no idea left!

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