Issues using Qt3D in QWidget on Android

  • I currently have a working Qt application deployable to Desktops and Android which uses QOpenGLWidget for 3D rendering inside a QMainWindow. In a move to simplify the 3D rendering pipeline, I tried to move away from low-level OpenGL rendering to Qt 3D. The switch was pretty smooth for Desktops, but I am having issues when rendering Qt 3D on Android.

    Currently, I followed the basicshape c++ example to create a window container (QWidget::createWindowContainer) in order to embed a Qt3dWindow into a QWidget in order to use it in a QStackedWidget. This example is unsupported for Android, which might explains why nothing in rendered. In both my application and basicshape example, nothing is rendered in the QWidget on Android (it works fine on Desktop).

    Is there any workaround this issues for Android ?

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