Is there is existing function to find midpoint of QLineF

  • I went through and its list of functions . I could not find a readymade function that finds the midpoint of the QLineF .Is the any existing function to find the same . If point

    How about

    QPointF mid = QPointF((QLineF.p1().x()+ QLineF.p2().x())/2) ,(QLineF.p1().y()+ QLineF.p2().y())/2 )

    Please let me know

  • Nothing exist in qt. you can apply mathematical formula and get it.

  • I think you want the center() function?

  • I cannot find anyone

  • Ah sorry, I see you are using an older version than me (Qt 5.8). It probably does not exist in Qt 4.8. So it is the manual method for you :-).
    from the QT 5.8 docs. it does this 0.5 * p1() + 0.5 * p2() which is the equivalent of yours.

  • I haven't test it but you can try something like this:

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