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[SOLVED] using the same subclass to promote both QSpinBox and QDoubleSpinBox

  • I sub-classed QSpinBox to create a custom widget used to promote QSpinBoxes in Qt Designer. Now, I have to promote a QDoubleSpinbox but this of course does not work with a QSpinBox subclass. I would rather not simply copy and modify the subclass as it is inconveninent to maintain. Is there a way that i could have one set of code for both the QSpinBox subclass and the QDoubleSpinBox subclass. The only difference in the 2 sets is that value is an int in one class and a double ni the other. The conflicting area of code relating to this are the calls to value() which are defined in QDoubleSpinBox and QSpinbox but not QAbstractSpinBox.

    WORKAROUND: Ok I guess I can just use a QDoubleSpinBox with 0 decimals and get rid of QSpinBox:

    in the end, this was not possible in my case.

  • Depending on what you are doing exactly, you might be able to use a template class.

    template<class T>
    MySpecialSpinBox: public T
    //can not use Q_OBJECT macro here!

    typedef MySpecialIntSpinBox MySpecialSpinBox<QSpinBox>;
    typedef MySpecialDoubleSpinBox MySpecialSpinBox<QDoubleSpinBox>;


    Or something along those lines. Note that moc does not play nice with templates, so you can do nothing that requires moc in such a template.

  • since I am using:
    I don't think it would work

  • Still worth a try, I think. You are not adding new stuff that needs the moc to run: no new signals, no new slots.

  • here is my class header, does it still look feasable? Actually I am going to try it out and see what it gives.

    @class wvSpinBox : public QSpinBox
    //Q_PROPERTY(bool writeEnable READ writeEnable WRITE setWriteEnable)
    explicit wvSpinBox(QWidget *parent = 0);
    bool writeEnable() {
    return this->property("writeEnable").toBool();
    void setWriteEnable(const bool & writeEnable){

    bool newValReady() {
        return this->property("newValReady").toBool();
    void setNewValReady(const bool & newValReady){
    int getNewVal();
    int oldVal;

    public slots:
    void when_editingFinished(){


    void focusInEvent ( QFocusEvent * event );
    void focusOutEvent ( QFocusEvent * event );
    void keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent * event );
    void wheelEvent ( QWheelEvent * event );
    void mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent * event );
    void mouseReleaseEvent ( QMouseEvent * event );
    void editStart();
    void editStop();
    void updEvent();
    void stepClicked();


    Also, I would be calling value() and setValue() in the template class which are implemented in QDoubleSpinBox and QSpinBox. Would it still compile? I also call property() and setProperty().

  • No, forget it. You have several signals and slots. As I said: the template scenario can only work if you don't need moc on it. For signals and slots, you do.

  • Ok. Thanks for your help.

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