C1083: Cannot open include file: 'QWebView': No such file or directory

  • I have included webkitwidgets and webkit in my .pro file.
    But still I get the error mentioned in the title when I use:

    #include <QWebView>

    How can I fix this?
    (Qt Creator 2.7.0 based on Qt 5.0.2 32bit, Win xp)

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    After you modify .pro file re-run qmake (menu Build-> Run qmake).
    Oh, and make sure you're using Qt version that still has QWebView. It was deprecated and then removed in later versions.

    Btw. QtCreator 2.7.0 is pretty old. Current version is 4.2.2. Have you thought about upgrading?

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    If you want to use a newer of Qt, you should check out

    Note. You can use a newer Creator even if you stay older Qt.
    The version used for building Creator is not related to any version of Qt you have installed and
    use to build your apps.

  • I did: menu Build-> Run qmake and it was fixed!
    Thank you guys you were grate help!

    (I have my reasons I wanna keep this version of Qt)

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    ok, but you can use a new Creator if u want.

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