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How to kill delay in live streaming?

  • I am new to Qt and I request for some help from you guys.

    I want to perform a live video streaming using the QML without any delay.

    I have succeeded in obtaining the camera streamURL and streaming the video.

    Now the problem is I have a delay of about 2 seconds. But when I play it by using VLC player there is no delay, after setting the network caching to a low value say 100ms.

    As much as I understood I need to change (configure) video buffer count to kill the delay.
    I would like to know.

    1. Which part controls the buffer count, QML or Codec/ Multimedia framework or something else?

    2. What are the possible reasons for video lag?

    3. How can I kill this video lag to get live streaming

    I am using windows 7 (OS) and Qt QML. I have obtained the streamURl of the camera with the help of ONVIF library.

    Any kind of input will be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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