WinDeployQt.exe doesn't deploy webview qml folder?

  • Hi. I'm trying to compile a UWP app using Qt 5.8, and it seems that after running windeployqt.exe on it, all the modules are installed correctly, except for the contents of qml/QtWebView. This leads to the compilation failing due the the QtWebView/qmldir file not being found. Looking at the sources of windeployqt.exe at, I see that for example the webchannel module is there, but not the webview module. This matches what I'm seeing when running windeployqt, because the QtWebChannel folder is copied to the output folder, but the QtWebView folder isn't. For what it is worth, Qt 5.9 seems to have the same issue.

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    Hi @Besidge, thanks for reporting this issue.

    Could you please repost this on the bug tracker? Otherwise, this report will likely get lost and buried.

  • Hi

    Could someone give a workaround?

    What files do I need to copy to the deployment directory to get import QtWebView 1.1 working on Windows MSVC2015_64? I guess I am going to have a similar problem on the Mac build?

    Thanks a lot.

  • @Sriep

    Ok! I have got it working now. I needed to copy two folders, maybe deleting debug stuff.


    I had a similar problem with QtLocation and QtPositioning.

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