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Deploy a Qt application

  • Hey,

    I have used the windeployqt application for deploy and it generate a lot of file and folders. Here is a screen shut.
    alt text

    Also add and some qml file:
    alt text

    And more dll. It is normal to create so many file or i have done something wrong?

    I have made deploy like this:

    windeployqt --release exeName --qmldir C:\Qt\Qt5.8.0\5.8\mingw53_32\qml .

  • This is normal. It's got all the files it needs in there now.

  • There was saved some .cpp and .moc file and i have delete them.
    The application seams to work ok and without them. Do i need them?
    And also why is included an Audio folder if i din't use any type of audio processing in my project?

  • You do not need any cpp or moc file.
    Also you could add your qml files to resource and you would not need to deploy them,
    This may or may not require some changes in qml files if the nesting order changes.

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