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  • Hello!
    I cross-compile Qt-5.6.1 for ARM CPU.
    How can I configure or define DESTDIR for install target?
    Thank you and excuse my bad english.

  • @debian

    You may choose any folder name conform with your OS. With windows you should use instead of backslash a forwardslash.
    The DESTDIR may be relative as in the example given or absolute.

    However, it shall be a folder which looks at least as on your machine (e.g. it may be on a mounted drive) and follow the normal syntax.

  • @koahnig thank you!
    I explain my question - on configure stage I can use -prefix for setup target directory, /usr/local/Qt-5.6.1 default value. After build I can use make install and all components will be copy in -prefix.
    But I build for another host and another application wait headers and librraies in another directory, /atrifacts/staging as example. If source use autools I can use make -C <source_directory> DESTDIR=/path/to/install/dir install for install to another than --prefix directory.

  • @debian I had a similar problem recently and posting here since it's still unsolved and other people may need.
    I've found a variable called INSTALL_ROOT at least in recent Qt: using the command "make INSTALL_ROOT=<dir> install" made the job.

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