how to disable QtCreator for versioning

  • How can I prevent QtCtreator from versioning? I've already unchecked help->about plugins->version control but it's still displaying the version control icons. Then I read that the creator uses PATH variable to access version software.

    I don't want use Qt Creator for versioning, yet I want to have the path of the version software included in PATH variable. How can I disable QtCreator using it? This is really annoying.

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    If you disabled all Versioning plugins, Qt Creator will not use them. Just restart QtC to make this change go live. I'm always disabling these plugins and never had a problem you describe. What OS and Qt Creator versions are you using?

  • @sierdzio QtC 4.0.2, Win 7. After disabling the plugins, QtC still shows the versioning tags, but only for some time period. Then the tags disappear and after some time appear again.

    Any suggestion ? Thanks.

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    Hi I had something like then when win 7s overlay icons got mixed up

    But disabling all plugins should also do it.

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