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Qt License LGPL

  • Hello,

    There seems to be alot of different remarks regarding what you can and can't do with Qt.
    I'm wanting to develop software which I'd want to sell it closed source.

    I've done plenty research and some people are saying you just need to say if you've not modified Qt all you have to do is state that you've used Qt when selling.

    Other says you've got to share the source.

    So I'm wondering if someone could expand on it little more for me as information varies alot.


  • Under LGPL

    "If you use it in your application then you can still have a closed source proprietary licensed application. But if you modify the LGPL library then you must release your modifications under the LGPL, even though your application can remain closed source."

    You can go through this links to clear all your doubts.



    Also do consult your lawyer.

  • Ok, thanks for clarifying that it's much appreciated.
    I'll also do abit of extra reading myself from links you provided.

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