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RTTI for non-QObject classes

  • I am wanting to create a small GUI builder to allow editing of the properties of certain Qt types at runtime with a single function call. To do this it seems I should use QObject::metaObject().

    But some of the things I want to make editable (like QVector3D) do not derive from QObject, at least not as far as I can tell. Is there any other way to list the properties of a non-QObject class?

    Or will my GUI builder simply have to make special provision for those classes I wish to handle but that do not derive from QObject? In that case I might need to pass a void pointer to my function - how would I safely check if they point to certain types of classes (like QVector3D)?

  • You can't in C++. QVector3D has no virtuals, thus no virtual table nor RTTI information. You need to use other means to store that information (QVariant / QMetaType come to mind).

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