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QML Camera : get each image

  • Hello,

    I saw that video recording is not supported on Windows yet. I am currently currently building the recording process with Open CV but i would like to use Qt Camera.
    I created a qml Camera and i would like to get each image, convert QML Images to C++ QImages.

    I tried with the capture mode "capture still image" but it save each frame and i think it is not a good idea to get each files, record it and delete it…
    Do someone knows how i can get a signal each time the camera capture one frame ? And how can i get the image, and send it to C++ part ?

    I already created à C++ / QML Interface that can provide signals from qml to C++. I don’t know how to create the QImage from a Qml image.

    Maybe found a way to do it.

    Second way : maybe easier: i'll use cpp camera and send image to qml

    The second way worked :)

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